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Right of Way – Removal of Hazardous Items in Right of Way - Download PDF

Right of Way – Removal of Non-Conforming Approaches - Download PDF

Right of Way – Tree Removal or Trimming within County Road Right of Way Policy - Download PDF

Road Name – Changing Name of Existing Road - Download PDF

Rubbish Hauler Permit - Go to form

Sign – Neighborhood Watch Sign Policy - Download PDF

Signs – Placement of Signs in County Road Right of Way - Download PDF

Signs – Work Zone (Maintaining Traffic) Sign Policy - Download PDF

Transportation Permit Application - Go to form

Single Move Mobile Home
Single Move Transportation
Super Move (Over 40%)

Annual Move Mobile Home
Annual Move Transportation

Transportation Permit Application – Seasonal - Go to form

Seasonal Milk
Seasonal Public Utility
Seasonal Agricultrual
Seasonal Emergency Well Drilling
Seasonal Agricultural Route Notification Request
Seasonal Public Utility Route Notification

Truck Operator Map - Download PDF

Truck Regulations for All-Weather Routes - Download PDF


Submit Applications through Oxcart Permit Systems – Click Here to Apply

Oxcart Utility Permit Application Instructions / Guides – Download

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