2022 Dryden Road HMA Overlay Project

The Lapeer CRC received funding from the State of Michigan’s Rural Task Force to assist with the placement of an HMA Asphalt Overlay on Dryden Road.  The HMA Asphalt Overlay will be placed on Dryden Road from 1) Blood Road easterly to Rochester Road, and 2) from the east Dryden Village Limits easterly to Van Dyke Road (M-53).  This project will include, but is not limited to select drainage improvements, crack sealing, milling existing asphalt,  HMA asphalt paving, gravel shoulders, guardrail improvements, pavement marking and permanent traffic sign updates.  The road will be open to traffic during the construction process.  However, intermittent lane closures, with traffic regulators flagging traffic, will be required.  EXPECT DELAYS during the times of lane closures or seek alternate route.  Follow the Lapeer CRC’s Facebook Page and this website for construction schedule updates as they are known.

Funding source(s): Rural Task Force Funding

Location of roadwork:

Dryden Road - Blood Road to Van Dyke Road

Almont, Dryden, Metamora, Various

When is the work being done:

June - September 2022

Description of work:

Asphalt Overlay

Impact on Traffic:

Open to Traffic - Intermittent Lane Closures will Delay Traffic

Latest Updates

July 25, 2022 Dryden Road Paving to Start Today

The Dryden Road Contractor is starting the first lift of HMA Asphalt Paving today, Monday, July 25, 2022, on Dryden Road.  The paving operation will start at Van Dyke Road (M-53) and work westerly along Dryden Road.  This project includes two (2) lifts HMA Asphalt Overlay, so expect delays throughout this week.  Please seek alternate routes this week while paving is being completed, or expect long delays while traffic is channeled into one lane by traffic regulators (flaggers).  Follow the Lapeer CRC Facebook page for additional schedule updates as they occur.

July 20, 2022 Dryden Road Milling Operations to Continue

Contractor to continue milling operations along Dryden Road.  The milling operation started at the east end of the project (near M-53) and will continue working to the west (toward Metamora Village) at select milling locations.  Once milling operations are complete, then the first lift of asphalt will be placed.  This asphalt overlay is expected to start the week of July 18th.  After completion of first lift, a second lift will be placed.  During paving operations, especially at Dryden / M-53 intersection, please use caution and seek alternate routes for the safety of the construction crew.  Traffic regulators (flaggers) will be on-site to assist in traffic direction.  Continue to watch the Lapeer CRC Facebook page for schedule updates as they occur.

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Project Contact

Destain Gingell, PE

Advisories & Detours

During Lane Closures, Traffic will be Delayed.  Seek Alternate Route when needed.