2023 Sign Replacements

Traffic signs greater than 15 years old are scheduled to be reviewed and replaced as necessary.  This practice is per the State of Michigan Sign Reflectivity Law.

Each year signs scheduled for review follow the current 5-year rotation plan.  2023 Signs scheduled for review and replacement, as needed, are located in Burlington, Dryden, Elba and North Branch Townships.  However, if you see additional signs that have been hit or vandalized, please report these locations to our office at 810-664-6272.


Funding source(s): Local Rd Heavy Maint, Primary Rd Heavy Maint

Location of roadwork:

2023 Year - Burlington, Dryden, Elba & North Branch Townships


When is the work being done:

Summer 2023

Description of work:

Annual Maintenance

Impact on Traffic:


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Project Contact

Beth Schroeder

Advisories & Detours

Signs reviewed on 5-yr Rotation – Download Map