The Lapeer CRC is expected to lift weight restrictions for commercial trucks on its non-All-Weather Roads effective at 6:00 a.m., Monday, April 11, 2022.  Weight restrictions imposed beginning on March 1, 2022 have been in place for 42 days.

Each spring, in accordance with state law, Lapeer CRC reduces the weight limits on these roads as temperatures begin to rise and the ground begins to thaw. As the road subsurface thaws, the non-All-Weather Roads’ ability to carry weight is reduced, meaning that a weight that wouldn’t affect a road under normal conditions, might now damage the road.

Weight restrictions are enforced by weighmasters employed by Lapeer CRC, the state, local communities and the Sheriff’s Department. Violations of the weight restrictions can result in a citation.  A “truck operators’ map” is available on Lapeer CRC website at click on the “For Truckers” box, then scroll to the TRUCK OPERATOR MAP – “Download PDF” for a map of weight restricted roads and bridges under jurisdiction of Lapeer CRC.  For a statewide listing of which counties have imposed spring weight restrictions, visit the County Road Association of Michigan (CRA) website,