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2023 Permit Fee Schedule - Download PDF

Effective January 1, 2023

Act 51 Certification Maps - Download PDF

  • Road Certification as of December 31, 2022

These Certification Maps do Not include information regarding lengths or widths of Road Right of Way.  If you are interested in Right of Way information, please contact our office.

Approach – Commercial Driveway Approach Construction Policy - Download PDF

Approach – Private Road Approach Construction Policy - Download PDF

Approach – Shared or Multi-Use Driveway Approach Policy - Download PDF

Approach – Use of Plastic (HDPE) Culvert - Download PDF

Commercial Driveway Approach Application -

Items Needed for Plan Review – Download                                                      Check List for Items Required on Plans – Download

Items Needed for Permit Review – Download                                                  Application Form for Work within Road Right of Way – Download

Sample Contractor’s Certificate of Insurance – Download                             Sample Wording for Irrevocable Letter of Credit – Download

Designated All Weather Roads - Download PDF

Freedom of Information Form - Download PDF

Land Division & Drive Access Review Policy - Download PDF

Land Division Form - Download PDF

Review of the frontages created during a Land Division is required per the Land Division Act of 1967 (amended 1997).  This review will assess the frontages for locations meeting the requirements for the placement of future driveway approaches. THIS IS NOT A DRIVEWAY APPROACH APPLICATION.  To construct an approach refer to the “Residential Driveway Approach” section.

List of Weight Restricted Roads - Download PDF