Asset Management Plans

Beginning in 2018, the State of Michigan mandated Act 51 Agencies to provide Compliance Plans for assets located within the Road Right of Way.  See below for Plan Information.

Compliance Plan

Asset Management is a process that uses data to manage and track assets, like roads and bridges, in a cost-effective manner using a combination of engineering and business principles.  The Lapeer County Road Commission (CRC) has adopted an “asset management” business process to overcome the challenges presented by having limited financial, staffing and other resources while needing to meet road user’s expectations.

Lapeer CRC Assets include, but is not limited to:

Paved Roads Unpaved (Gravel) Roads
Bridges Traffic Signals
     Catch Basins / Manholes
     Storm Sewer
Traffic Signs (Regulatory & Warning) Pavement Markings
Buildings & Equipment  








Pavement Asset Management Plan

The Lapeer CRC’s roads and support system are a few of the most valuable and extensive public assets, which are paid for with taxes collected from citizens and businesses.  The cost of building and maintaining roads, their importance to society, and the investment made by taxpayers all place a high level of responsibility on local agencies to plan, build and maintain the road network in an efficient and effective manner.  This asset management plan is intended to report how Lapeer CRC is meeting its obligations to maintain the public assets for which it is responsible.

Bridge Asset Management Plan

The Lapeer CRC is responsible for maintaining and operating 96 bridges.  This plan outlines how Lapeer CRC determines its strategy to maintain and upgrade bridge asset condition given agency goals, priorities of its bridge users, and resources provided.



For any questions or concerns on the Compliance Plan, Pavement AM Plan or Bridge AM Plan, please contact our office.

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