2024 Traffic Count (ADT) Collection

Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Count data is collected along Lapeer County Primary and Local Roadways on a 4-yr Rotation throughout the County.  When collecting data, air hoses are placed across the Roadway.  Vehicles cross the hose and create a puff of air which is sent into the counter unit.  Two (2) hoses are used on paved roads, one (1) hose is used on gravel roads. Typically we receive two (2) main comments when hoses are placed on the roadway: 1) Hoses mean Development is coming! or 2) Hoses mean this Gravel Road will be Paved!  Typically these rumors are not true.  We are completing the counts are part of the required data collection for Asset Management and to update Townships and residents on traffic pattern trends.


Funding source(s): Local Rd Heavy Maint, Primary Rd Heavy Maint

Location of roadwork:

2024 Year - Arcadia, North Branch, Goodland, Metamora & Hadley Townships

When is the work being done:

Summer 2024

Description of work:

Annual Maintenance

Impact on Traffic:


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Beth Schroeder

Advisories & Detours

Data is collected beginning in May – Download 4-yr Rotation Map